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Ultrasound Now Added to Our Toolbox
Tuesday, January 3, 2023

The Ocean City Career Fire/EMS Division is preparing to use ultrasound in the field to determine the extent of injuries in trauma and medical patients. This cutting-edge technology allows paramedics to quickly and accurately assess the severity of injuries, which helps guide treatment and transport decisions. There are multiple indications for the use of ultra-sound in the field including abdominal pain, cardiac arrest and a suspected tension pneumothorax.
"We are excited to add ultrasound to our toolbox," said Public Information Officer Ryan Whittington. "This technology allows us to make more informed decisions about how to best treat and transport our patients. It also enables us to transport patients to the most appropriate hospital for further evaluation and treatment."
Due to the location of Ocean City and its proximity to trauma centers, paramedics can use ultrasound to determine if a patient should be transported by aviation to a level 1 trauma center or by land to the local trauma center.
"Having this technology at our fingertips allows us to provide the highest level of care to our patients," Whittington said. "We are committed to using all available resources to ensure that our patients receive the best possible care."
The Ocean City Fire Department worked closely with Dr. Steve St. Pierre of Atlantic General Hospital and TidalHealth Peninsula Regional during the initial training and he will be a part of the quality assurance process for the department.
This equipment was purchased by the Ocean City Paramedics Foundation, Inc.

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